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You've built a community around your taste, we're here to help you turn it into a thriving business- We cut out the middleman and connect you directly to your favorite brands so you can earn more on every sale- Build your flagship boutique where your community can find all your curations and shop directly.

"Working with Flagship was the solution we had been looking for to make our curated boutique run seamlessly! It's transformed our business and has made our lives so much easier!"
Alicia Lund
"I love that Flagship gives me an opportunity to connect with my followers in a deeper way– like we're old friends sharing our newest finds with one another. Through my Flagship store, I can finally share my favorite brands with my community!"
Beverley Mitchell
"Flagship helped me take my dreams to the next level by being able to fully curate my own online shop! Through Flagship, I have been able to work with brands I love, discover new & exciting brands, and the commission is SO much higher than any of the ambassador or affiliate programs!"
Chesley Carele
"The Flagship team feels like family to me. I've been building my business as a creator for over eight years, and this is the first time I've ever felt like there is a business to make sure I'm paid fairly as a creator. "
Heather Nicholson
"I love that I'm actually able to see which of my followers are buying from me when they shop from my Flagship store, something that I can't see when I link to external websites. And on top of that, I love that my followers can buy all of my favorite items in one place via my Flagship store! "
Marquis Clarke


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